The Fire Extinguisher: Reinvented

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SOTERIA KITCHEN fire extinguishers are sachets that react instantly with hot, burning cooking oil or fats by forming a blanket of cooling foam that snuffs out the fire and prevents reignition.


Cooking oil or fat fires can happen for numerous reasons, most commonly as the result of an unattended stove. Trying to extinguish the fire using conventional fire extinguishers or traditional methods can be dangerous.


SOTERIA Kitchen allows you to extinguish the fire in one simple step:
Gently drop SOTERIA Kitchen into the fire.


SOTERIA Kitchen will react with the heat of the flames to instantly release its extinguishing solution that snuffs out the fire by forming a rapidly expanding layer of foam that suffocates the flame while cooling the oil or fat to prevent reignition.

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Easy to Use

Soteria Kitchen is designed with simplicity in mind. Sudden fires can be difficult enough to handle without having to deal with the complicated mechanisms and bulkiness of conventional fire extinguishers. Soteria Kitchen is the solution to fire fighting achieved in one simple step: Throw into fire.

For Everyone and Anyone

For the longest time, the ability to react to a fire has been confined to able-bodied adults who can lift and operate heavy and cumbersome conventional fire extinguishers. Soteria Kitchen removes this barrier by being light and compact. Children, elderly persons and the differently abled are now able to defend themselves against fires with Soteria Kitchen!

5 Year Lifespan

Soteria Kitchen has a 5 year lifespan, providing you with half a decade of security.

Maintenance Free

In line with Soteria's mission of keeping things simple, Soteria Kitchen requires no maintenance or upkeep. Simply place it in an accesible location close to your stove and you're all set! Unlike conventional fire extinguishers, Soteria Kitchen does not need to be refilled, checked for pressure, or inspected annually.


Soteria Kitchen provides you with a safe and secure home, but not at the expense of the environment. The chemical contents of each Soteria Kitchen ampoule is classified as Readily Biodegradable according to OECD criteria.

Non Hazardous

Soteria Kitchen is designed to react only with fire, and will not harm you or your loved ones if you come into contact with its chemical content. The Soteria Kitchen extinguishing solution is classified as non-hazardous according to 1999/45/EC.


Product Name : Soteria Kitchen
Product Model : SK10 01
Main Ingredient : Potassium Salts
Net Contents : 55g
For Use With :

Cooking Oil & Fat Fires

(Class F (EU) Fires & Class K (US) Fires)